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NetForAll Developers Center. This is an extension of the main web site build entirely by Web SIte Robot. This is the place to find our blog page, demos, screenshots, documentations, press releases and the latest documents. The robot makes it so much easier to keep up to date.
Demo Store Demo Store
This is is a demo store, just to illustrate how easy it is to build a store with WebSiteRobot: fill a price on items that are on sale. You may place orders, but I will not ship anything because this is just a demo. The prices are set to $1.00 per item just so that you can go all the way and see how your customers would pay with credit card. In any case, we will not reimburse you.
Press Room Press Room
This is the place for press releases, white papers, tutorials and other material on Web SIte Robot and NetForAll
Robot Files Robot Files
This folder contains WebSiteRobot files such as the Setup.exe for Windows, Install.bin for Linux, the documentation in pdf and word formats. You may download them from here or for faster speed, you could get them from the NetForAll Web SIte.
Windows Media Test Windows Media Test
Windows Media Audio files for testing purpose only
Screenshots Screenshots
Here are the screenshots of WebSIteRobot. The nice thing is that this section was also built by the Robot.
This section contains the pictures and comments about my experience with the DSL modem setup. The only change from the standard configuration was to do Port Forwarding on the DSL and forward port 8888 to the LAN IP of the computer and WebSiteRobot was up and running.
Front Yard Flowers Front Yard Flowers
THese are the flowers a family friend helped me plant this year (2002). I never really had time to take care of them by they just grew. I wish I had written down the names, but most of you know the flowers by name. I don't. Next year I will do a better job. All these picture are from a Fuji Finepix Digital Camera Camera, batch resized to 640x480.
Demo Folder Demo Folder
Just a demo for Chris to see how easy this really is!
Jazz Album Covers Jazz Album Covers
So far, it only has covers of my collection of Miles Davis CDs
Wallpapers Wallpapers
Just a collection of wallpapers from the Net
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