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Comcast Cable Modem Setup Pictures
We susbscribed to a Cable Modem Internet Connection through a local company, Comcast essentially because there were reports on the Internet and on the NeForAll Support page that WebSiteRobot wouldn't work with Cable Modem. Actually the problems were not due to Cable Modem or WebSiteRobot, just the Firewall or Router had to be properly configured. There were a hosts of reasons that were set forth. The thing is we had tested only T1, Dial-up and DSL... So we installed Cable Modem. We were also in the process of adding some code around the "No-IP" concept. But all was vastly dissapointing in a positive way: when we installed WebSiteRobot, it worked right away. Not a single modification was needed. Also, the Cable Modem is really fast in our area. The only thing is that the initial installation is just a basic modem. No Firewall or Router which leaves the computer somewhat vulnerable. In any case it is already known that WebSiteRobot does not have a problem with a properly configured Firewall or Router (open Port 8888 for incoming TCP packects, and Forward Port 8888 to the Local IP of the computer). You can test your system to see if you need to configure Port Forwarding: Router Test . Here are the pictures of our Comcast Cable Modem Setup.
Here is the inside of the PC that is serving this page. It's an old Gateway E1400, Intel Celeron 500MHz with 128MB RAM. I have not done much with it besides testing Comcast Cabe Modem. I works great. It also runs the software for my Digital Camera, a Visioneer MX230. It's a cheap camera, bought at Office Max on Sale for $125.00 but it works great. THe software package that comes with it is lousy though. For example It does not have an option for batch resize...
Gateway E1400
This test machine is an old Gateway E1400 with Intel Celeron 500 MHz, 128 MB of RAM. Initially it had lousy graphics, then I upgraded the driver (download from Intel Site: Video driver for Intel 82810 DC-100 chipset), now it does really great for an old $100 second hand machine!
Gateway Comp...
Front View of the Motorola SB4100 Supplied by Comcast
Motorola SB4100
Side View of the Motorola SB4100 Supplied by Comcast
Motorola SB4100
This switch is not seeing much action yet.
Comp USA Switch
This is the digital Camera that too these pictures. Here is what the manufacturer says: Now you can capture and do more with your favorite pictures! Visioneer's new 2 megapixel digital camera with 3X optical and up to 9X total zoom makes it easier than ever to capture your special moments as high-resolution digital pictures or up to 60 second video clips. The MX 230 camera comes with Arcsoft PhotoImpression to edit, retouch and enhance photos and add them to fun projects. Print clear, beautiful 8
Visioneer MX...
Comcast Cable Modem Setup Pictures