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DSL vs Cable
2006-03-08 00:16:33Group: Broadband
How does DSL compare to Cable?

Since I have answered this so many times in the past few months, I guess it's helpful to put it here:

The quick answer is that they are about the same.

There was a time I tested both Comcast cable and Qwest DSL, did not noticed any major difference, but I ended up keeping DSL because I got it first and my whole test system was already configured for it.

There is currently a promotion for Comcast Cable, $19.99/month for 6 months and the same for DSL for 12 months for a comparable speed of about 1Mbps which is very fast.

After the promotion, they are both around $40.00/month.

There are banners for both promotions on the bottom of this page: although you may need to refresh a few times to see each of them. It's probably also available directly on those company web sites.

I think if you want to shut down your home phone completely and use VoIP (the Vonage Internet Phone), Qwest might penalize you a few bucks.

There is another option slightly cheaper for DSL, like the one we installed last time. It's a lower speed 256Kbps, and somewhat cheaper: $24.99 12 months promotion, then about $32.00 after. That's ok for email, browsing the web, but if you download a lot of music, video, or the VoIP, it may be a bit tied, but still ok.

Verizon offers a DSL service about $3.00 - $5.00 cheaper than Qwest but I am not sure it's available in your area.

One important point is that both DSL and Cable work well with Web SIte Robot. With recent routers, the robot configures itself and the router, so that one can install and start using.


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