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Link to the Current Press Release
2005-02-08 02:57:06Group: General
So far, tens of thousands of online news outlets have picked up our recent press release. You may read it at:
New Blog Tool

Please forward it to your friends.


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2005-04-12 05:35:51
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Current Press Release Focuses on the Blog Tool
2005-02-06 23:43:56Group: General
Our current press release officially launches Web SIte Robot Version 2.0 and focuses on the blog tool which is a major feature enhancement.

The blog tool is a great step in the pursuit of the mission of NetForAll which is to give anyone the ability to publish on the web as easily as creating a file on the local computer. It turns out that using the new tool to post a blog is even easier than anything else that one may do with computers because there is no need to remember email address, web site location, or track a filename.

Please look for our press release and forward it to friends. They will be grateful to you for encouraging them to start posting blogs. 

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2005-02-07 03:29:29
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What's next?
2005-01-13 02:19:58Group: General
Yes, a few people are asking what's next. We just all have to enjoy the blog tool right now.

Indeed, there is a lot in the pipe but there ia company policy that prohibits making claims about what is currently under development. That's really just to keep some sanity. Making things feel simple to everyone is already so hard, if you add deadlines, the situation would be totally crazy. Also, to be honest, priorities also change a lot. For instance, something else was just a few weeks from release and it had to be held off for the blog tool.

So what's next?
More fun! 

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2005-01-13 02:19:58
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Specs of Web Site Robot Blog tool
2005-01-13 02:12:11Group: General
As you are using Web SIte Robot's blog tool, I am sure you will notice it's simplicity.

That apparent simplicity is actually by design. Here are some of the requirements:

Wehn you type a blog, somehow it gets saved, published or remembered when you are offline, archived when you have too many floating around, tells you where to find it on the web, helps you with bad words, or meaningless entries. All that had to be done in the background so that you don't even notice that it's doing something.

Better yet, the screen doesn't even freezes while it's doing its stuff. It just nicely tells you that it's busy. You don't need to worry about the way it presented to reader, the formatting, background, templates etc. Just blog, and go!

In any case, if you don't have a blog page yet, please click here to download Web Site Robot and enjoy! 

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2005-01-13 02:12:11
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Web Site Robot Version 2.0
2005-01-03 19:30:09Group: General
Web Site Robot Version 2.0 includes a very easy to use blog tool. As with all the features of Web Site Robot, the blog tool gives you all the options while keeping things simple:
Just type and publish
Publish with just one click
Shows web site address to locate blog
You may edit or delete older Blogs
Automtically archives older Blogs
Unlimited Blogs
Unlimited Blog groups
Allows offline Blog
Automatically publishes offline Blog when you are connected
Readers may choose template as with the rest of the web site


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2005-01-04 05:27:32
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How do you edit a Blog?
2005-01-03 19:18:25Group: General
On the Blog screen, use the Date field to select the date of a previous blog. Change the Group, Title or Text fields and click on Publish. Your old blog is updated on your web site: Go to your web site and click on Blog to see the changes. 

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2005-01-03 19:18:25
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How do you Blog?
2005-01-03 19:17:43Group: General
Fill the Title and Text fields, then click on Publish. Your Blog instantly appears on your web site. You may use your browser to check it out: go to your web site and click on Blog. 

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2005-01-03 19:17:43
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What is a Blog?
2005-01-03 19:16:46Group: General
Blog stands for web log.
It's a quick message that you post on your web site to inform your visitors. It may be the latest news, an upcoming event, a new product, whatever you are doing right now, or something you are very excited about. People who are interested in you, your family, work, hobby or business will come to your page and click on Blog to see what's new. 

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2005-01-03 19:16:46
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