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New features: search, mirror, admin login and blog
2006-04-10 23:51:30Group: New Features
We have not being releasing news or blogging much so far this year but things have been busier than ever.

Here is a brief summary of the new features:

All the pages on your web site now display a search box near the top left corner. Visitors can use it to search virtually anything on your site. The search engine works like most other search engines you might be familiar with. It parses the files to build a search index, then uses it to answer queries really fast. As expected, new files or blogs cannot be searched until they are indexed. The parser processes numerous file formats including Blogs, HTML, PDF, RTF, Text, Word, Excel, XML, and the Meta data (filename, title, author, description, price etc) of folders, music, video, archives and such.

A number of files are currently mirrored so that if you are using a laptop, or if your computer goes off for any reason, most of your site will still look the same and be available to visitors. As you would expect, music, video and other large files are not mirrored. This feature is not really intended to encourage you to build a web site and let it abandon it like people used to do in the past. It's our hope that the ease of use of the Robot will continue to be an incentive to add files and blog often.

Admin Login and Blog
The Admin link is near the bottom of the left navigation bar. The email address and password (the same that were used during the registration) are required to login. Right now, it gives you the ability to post a new blog on your site even when you are away from your machine. For instance if you go to the library, at a meeting, in school and so on, you web site kind of comes with you.

As usual, you don't have to do anything to trigger these new features. They are already available.



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2006-04-11 00:50:27
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