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At NetForAll, we believe that the end user should always obtain the expected results with a click of a button, regardless of the complexity of the system.

We specialize in Advanced Human Machine Interfaces, Automated Data Processing and Knowledge Dissemination using the web. We design simple Graphical User Interfaces that hide away complex technologies so as to enable ordinary PC users to leverage the full potential of the web.

Our first product, Web Site Robot gives any PC user the ability to build a professional web site, complete with blog page, online photo album, shopping cart, and profile page in just minutes. You may click here to see the complete list of features and how it compares with other web building tools.

We are also working on Thinking Machines (systems that solve everyday problems without human intervention) and the results obtained so far are fascinating.

If you are a journalist, please visit our press room for more infomation.

In operation since 2002,
Based in ,


Ok, I just was searching for some weblog or wiki for customers and find this website. So, your program is free of charge? Anyway I will try it later, for now I will download it.
By: Anyeos,   Tue, May 20 2008 21:06:37
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First test of the comment feature live...
By: Street,   Mon, Jan 07 2008 01:27:27
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