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The education system of most African countries was designed in the 60's to train local civil servants for administrative positions inherited from the colonial system. Thanks to devoted teachers and sustained government fundings, the mission of the education system has been successfully fulfilled in most cases. To the extend that the system is slowly becoming obsolete.
African Universities
I n the 80's, a few countries started training engineers and technicians for multinational companies, but foreign investment is slow to come. The mission of African educators in the new millenium should be to train students to become self-employed after graduation and produce the goods and services that are needed locally, thereby initiating a significant internal economic activity.
To this aim, there is a need for more science and technology programs, infrastructure, teachers, lecture material and training equipment. Also, the Internet could be of major help in providing learning material, exposure to recent developments and interaction between individual scholars and the rest of the world.
T he input of Africans of the Diaspora and all other interested parties in the world might be beneficial. Depending on the means at hand, one could collaborate with existing educational foundations, local institutions or take other initiatives: send educators to African schools, provide scholarships, lecture material and lab equipment, Internet access, computer equipment, multimedia libraries, scholar exchange programs or affiliate institutions. There might be different motivations for such contributions, but one guaranteed reward is the opportunity to share with African students their passion to learn.